as a society (and as humans!), we struggle with managing our money, AND ENTREPRENEURS ARE NO EXCEPTION...

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Managing money is not only a problem in personal finances, but is also an issue with entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our habits and assumptions surrounding money impact our day to day decisions regarding how we use it.

After many years of working with our clients in the financial advisory capacity, it became clear to us that one of the common themes we saw over and over was the anxiety, stress and discouragement that accompanies cash flow problems. Although we are able to add value to our clients in the traditional role of accountant and financial consultant, we saw an opportunity to make a much bigger impact.

By focusing on helping our clients with this money management piece of the puzzle, we are able to help them increase the profitability of their business and eliminate the stress caused by poor cash flow managment.



OUR Passion:

ThriveProfit Pros was created to partner with entrepreneurs, individuals and our community to promote financial stability and profitability and restore peace of mind.


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We work with entrepreneurs and their businesses to first see both business and personal finances as two parts of the whole picture. Then we help them get a clear realistic idea regarding the current state of their finances.

From there, we help them to implement small doable changes, that are part of a powerful proven system. This process encourages the elimination of unhealthy habits and assumptions around money management, and helps them address other areas of their business that need adjustment. The result of this process is predictable cash flow, a business that is more profitable, and a happier, stress free entrepreneur.


As part of our commitment to promoting healthy money management habits, we also partner with organizations in our community who have a mission to provide financial literacy education to youth. We allocate a percentage of our profits to several of these organizations. 




Tracy rice

Tracy has spent most of her career in public accounting focusing on tax planning and compliance, and providing consulting services to entrepreneurs.  

Because of her extensive work with small business owners and exposure to the vast array of unique challenges they face, she has developed a passion for working with entrepreneurs and their businesses to help them solve these unique challenges as well as take advantage of the unique opportunities available to them.

Tracy is a Certified Public Accountant and has also completed the Profit First training for accountants and business advisors.

les rice

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Les has over 35 years experience in all areas of public accounting including tax compliance, financial statement preparation, and accounting and systems support for small businesses.  He loves working with small business owners to help them achieve order and profitability in their business. Les Rice is a Certified Public Accountant and a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.


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Shannon has been an integral part of our team for close to 15 years. She excels in the area of tax return preparation and review, and is significantly responsible for the efficiency and accuracy of our tax return preparation process. To say we would be lost without her is an understatement!

shelby rice

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Shelby keeps OUR business running smoothly, and makes sure our clients have all the support and resources they need. She also keeps a close eye on our social media, and is our indispensable Girl Friday.  We are grateful to have her on our team! 



Whatever your needs are, we can work with you and your budget to create a plan that is right for you. We truly enjoy the relationships we develop with our clients, and get an enormous amount of satisfaction from helping them achieve their dreams. So, just reach out to us and let's start talking. we promise you will know UPFRONT what your investment to work with us will be, and there is no pressure if you decide we are not a fit. if you are not satisfied with the services we provide, we will make it right!

Tax planning and compliance


It's probably one of the most unpleasant tasks the average person deals with, but as the saying goes, it is one of only two things that are certain in life - TAXES!  Not to worry...we provide tax planning and preparation for personal, business and fiduciary income tax returns. We will guide you through the process, help you discover all the deductions you are entitled to, and ensure your tax returns are accurate and complete. We stand behind our work, and will help you unravel any problems that may arise from the filing of your returns as well. 

We also work with our clients to determine the opportunities for planning to minimize their taxes, and their family's taxes, down the road. We will help you monitor the circumstances of your life that may affect your tax future, and provide timely information and resources. 

accounting and bookkeeping

Keeping track of assets, income, expenses and cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. It can be a difficult task to stay on top of for the business owner who is already wearing TOO many hats. However, today there are many tools and resources available to help the entrepreneur track the true condition of their finances, and we can help you figure out the best ones for you. Getting an accounting system up and running correctly help the entrepreneur track the true condition of their finances, and we can help you figure out the best ones for you.



Profit First is a comprehensive plan to improve the cashflow and profitability of your business. It is a system designed to help the entrepreneur assess the current state of business finances, and implement the necessary changes.  Accountability is a huge component of success, and is one of the most powerful components of Profit First. Because we are small business owners too, and have worked with others just like you, we are in a position to provide that accountability.





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